Sweden's first independent complete solution for second-hand trade is now available, to create safer and simpler business between private individuals. With Treddy you can buy, sell and send used, regardless of where the product is advertised. 

Second-hand trade is constantly growing, but as trade grows, so do the problems. According to BRÅ, 449,000 Swedes were exposed to sales fraud in 2020. It is especially problematic when goods are to be sent by post. Payment is usually made in advance, which often results in a sales fraud. It is also common for an item to occur 22. The seller does not want to send the item before payment has been received and the buyer does not want to pay before the item has arrived.

-“Treddy will counter fraud and promote trade. We want to increase the number of goods in the cycle and create opportunities for everyone to consume more sustainably , ”explains Emil Svensson. 

The Treddy service has now been launched and offers new opportunities for digital second-hand trading. 

Treddy is a web application that acts as a secure and simple third party between buyers and sellers in their second-hand shops, regardless of which advertising site the product is on. The service is not an ad slot, but exists to improve the ad slots that already exist. Treddy is free for the seller as the cost of using the service is paid by the buyer, unless otherwise decided between the parties. 


You can use the service, for example, if you are shopping for something used on the Facebook Marketplace by a stranger and the item is to be sent. Treddy then offers you all the services you need, to be able to conduct business in a safe and easy way. The service includes a secure payment solution, traceable shipping, BankID identification, reviews of users, purchase contracts, examination time of the product for the buyer and buyer and seller protection. 

“The fact that 9 out of 10 Swedes are very worried about fraud on the internet shows a great need for better trading solutions. Treddy is therefore available as a tool to be used in advertising spaces ",  says Emil Svensson, CEO and founder.